A Beautiful Lie (Completed)

A Beautiful Lie (Completed)

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Maurice_Leto By Maurice_Leto Updated Oct 27, 2016

"This is your new assignment." He get something from his drawer and gave it to me.

It is a red folder that has a 'The Vyrt' written in the front.

"Me and Nick chose you to do that, it is your last assignment before we promote you." Excitement run through my body when i heard the word promotion.

As i open the folder, a picture of a beautiful lady welcomes me. Margot Robbie is her name. 

"This is it? A picture and her name?" 

"Yes, that is the only thing you need or rather she is the only one you need." 

"What? I don't understand you. Just spill it Chris." I said getting irritated.

"She is the famous daugther of Kevin Robbie, the founder of Vyrt. Vyrt is the biggest company here in America that sells illegal drugs and weapons. You will use his daugther to track him down and get rot in jail." 

"But how? How can i do that?" I ask confused. How can i approach her?

"You will be her bodyguard." 

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RaneXx21 RaneXx21 Oct 28, 2016
See, I'd be excited when I saw Margot but being her bodyguard???!!!