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Pictures of Ayato

Pictures of Ayato

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Lost Hope By -Dysphoric_-Angel- Updated Sep 01, 2016

A roleplay book with me!

- - Oct 21, 2016
Yukki smirks and pecks his lips before taking a step back "Names Yukki!"
- - Oct 21, 2016
Kakaya stays quiet for a moment, "I'm Kakaya.." she murmured, a blush spreading across her face a bit as she wonders If she should feel threatened or turned on
-Dysphoric_-Angel- -Dysphoric_-Angel- Oct 21, 2016
He smirks and steps a bit closer, staring into her eyes. "You have such a lovely name~" He says quietly.
Trash_Chan Trash_Chan Sep 09, 2016
((Just please don't get mad about last time, I didn't mean for that to happen
                              "My name is...Trash..." She says, looking at him with a raised eyebrow
RachelVsWriting RachelVsWriting Oct 08, 2016
Rachel blushed lightly. "H-Hello...I-I'm Rachel....", she stuttered.
PikaLoveChu PikaLoveChu Oct 21, 2016
"Me? Hi. The name's Sen. And don't lean down in my faces like face. It's making me uncomfortable." Sen backed away slightly.