complicated love✔️

complicated love✔️

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mostly-only really- stalia:)
Malia Tate and Stiles Stilinski are finally back together after their break up. When Malia wants to kill the Desert Wolf she's leaves with her father Peter. Four years later will Malia and Stiles be back together or has their feelings changed?

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[Sequel- More Complicated Love]

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- - May 22, 2017
i was so angry at the end of season 6 when Lydia and stiles kissed. I hate styles and Lydia together but malia and styles I love that couple
1-800-DEMARCO 1-800-DEMARCO Jan 18, 2017
well since stiles broke up with her, scalia should happen. then scott will break up with her and malia will be single for a while and TADAAA STALIA AGAIN
dhelley_ohennig dhelley_ohennig Sep 04, 2016
Maybe Malia dated Isaac now she dates stiles but scott loves her and Isaac still does too and Malia loves stiles but she doesn't know how to act