Love of Lucifer

Love of Lucifer

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Crystal Santacruz By Santacruz23 Updated Nov 30


What is your first thought when you hear that name?

Evil? Devil? Traitor? Con of man?

Or can it be that he is misunderstood? That is how Lucifer felt when he went against god. Since the beginning of religion, Lucifer has been branded as the traitor and all that is evil, but what if that was not the case. Lucifer has been living in his dark kingdom in his lonesome. His loneliness is his hell and he wants someone by his side, to see him for who is, not what he is perceived. 

One day he meets, Angela, 22, who is an atheist, but strives for higher truth. When she meets Lucifer, she is reluctant to believe, but her eyes do not deceive her. The more these two are together, they both are seen as a threat by god and his archangels, who have not forgiven Lucifer for his betrayal. God will do anything to get its vengeance even it means to hurt its own creation. Lucifer will not let anything happen to Angela, he would do anything to keep her safe...

Even if it means war...

kat1789 kat1789 Nov 20
Okay so basically this is like Luci  from Supernatural... ya know chill, misunderstood, kinky (ish), just wants to be loved (Oh wait no that was the King of Hell - Crowley- who said that but Luci probably wants that too)
There's mu h thought written in the chapter,i hope there's more to come.
lazarustation lazarustation 7 days ago
this is great!!! It reminds me of Fallen by Lauren Kate 😝 ohh how i miss Fallen 😭😭😭