Underneath The Mistletoe

Underneath The Mistletoe

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Claire Blue By Clair3va Updated 5 days ago

It's Harry Potters first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and so far he's managed to survive up until Christmas. 
Now the holiday season has rolled around and the two week vacation is days away.
Unfortunately it seems Harry will be spending this Christmas alone due to the fact that his new friends Hermione and Ron are both going home to see they're families.
Then Harry catches word that The Malfoy Heir will also be staying for Christmas.
What good could possibly come from this?

 Throughout Hogwarts history  Gryffindors and Slytherins have always felt a strong hatred towards the other.
Both houses hellbent in bringing each other down.
Why then does Draco, a thorough Pureblood, begin to feel something other then hatred within him for a certain bespectacled Gryffindor?
How come Harry starts feeling butterflies in his guts when he's around a particular blonde Slytherin?
(Readers I'm sure you can already guess why;)

Authors Note: This fanfiction starts while The Golden Trio is in they're first year at Hogwarts and keeps going up until they're in eighth year.

Oh god! Draco malfoy and Dudley Dudley cannot be compared!!! But oh well ...
RaptorAtel RaptorAtel Sep 19
It's good :) I like the ending a lot
                              Also, Ron is good at chess, so he wouldn't glare at the chess board (that would be Harry's job, XD)
                              I feel so nitpicky lol
I think u write really good, I love ur style. But maybe u should go over it again before publishing so u also get rid of the little mistakes
This was really cute! I could perfectly imagine first year Ron and Harry lol
Kitty22012 Kitty22012 Sep 21
Wonderful chapter, your a very good writer and it was written in a spectacular way, I can tell you tried, and I believe I speak for all readers that we appreciate it
I like your story, but Harry only got his Firebolt in third year (in his first year he has a Nimbus 2000).