The Life Of Abuse                ~Phoenix Drop High X Reader~

The Life Of Abuse ~Phoenix Drop High X Reader~

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My name is (Y/N) (L/N), I am 18 and my life consist of constant abuse. I haven't been to school since elementary and my mom home schooled me. For any small break I had I was abuse by my dad. My mom died at the age of 54, she died of blood loss. My dad murdered her because she was protecting me from him along with my sister. 
Now I have to go to school... With cuts and bruises. I have no clothes expect my (F/C) hoodie, my black mask, my black jeans that are ripped by my Dad and my (F/C) tee. All my other belongings and clothes were burned by my him. I hope my school is better then this hell hole I have to call home because school is the only place I can escape my father. 
The only rule for me is I can't make friends or my father will kill them like he did my mother and sister.

No friends, No talking


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This story is different. I've never read something like it. I LOVE IT! Great job so far!
Awesome! I love this book! Tho it has a lot of harm to me...