The Life Of Abuse                   •Phoenix Drop High x Reader•        Book One

The Life Of Abuse •Phoenix Drop High x Reader• Book One

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My name is (Y/N) (L/N), I am 18 and my life consist of constant abuse. I haven't been to school since elementary and my mom home schooled me. For any small break I had I was abuse by my dad. My mom died at the age of 54, she died of blood loss. My dad murdered her because she was protecting me from him along with my sister. 
Now I have to go to school... With cuts and bruises. I have no clothes expect my (F/C) hoodie, my black mask, my black jeans that are ripped by my Dad and my (F/C) tee. All my other belongings and clothes were burned by my him. I hope my school is better then this hell hole I have to call home because school is the only place I can escape my father. 
The only rule for me is I can't make friends or my father will kill them like he did my mother and sister.

No friends, No talking


A/N :3

I hope you really enjoy this book!
I'm really excited for this and I have tons
of ideas! I'm am starting this book as soon
as school starts so I might add stuff in 
about how my school day goes on 
the first day too but idk yet it depends on
if it fits with the book BUT ANYWAYS!
Pls make sure you give this book a 
vote bc it helps ALOT and I hope you

Book Started - October 2, 2016

Completed - June 20, 2017

Heavy editing - Under Constructing 

Sequel - Posted On June 20, 2017

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-niqthmares -niqthmares Jun 25, 2017
Uhh, wouldn't my dad go to jail....for murdering my mother????? Lol
SoloZubZero SoloZubZero Aug 11, 2017
this is very depressing i really dont know how people like reading about abuse thats just messed up and if your going through that authur than call the frikin cops
Silent_Assassin43762 Silent_Assassin43762 May 31, 2017
A+ schedule one book and a bunch of days to sleep and eat nice 👌🏼
FlowerDona FlowerDona Jul 01, 2017
Not trying to sound mean or rude, but this sounds similar to one of the first Laurmau fanfics I ever read. Slightly excited to read this
AstrallyMe AstrallyMe Dec 01, 2017
Yassssssss! And more...
Weird_Anime_Cactus Weird_Anime_Cactus Dec 23, 2017
Wait a sec, if my dad murdered my mom wouldn't he be arrested? And I'm technically old enough to move out, right? (Sorry, it sounds like a great book and everything kust a few things i noticed x3