drugs ❥tysh

drugs ❥tysh

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[formally called i.d., changed oct.3.16]

"what calms you down, tyler?"

tyler put his first two fingers together and touched his plump lips. 


tyler shook his head. "d-drugs."


in which josh is in love with the anorexic stuttering boy with asthma that works at the gas station across his school who needs to lose stress.


inspired by anything concerning tyler stuttering.

//copyright © 2016 metaphoricalyawhore

How did he know his name was Tyler tho... DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN
if she can't remember the password there's a way to reset your phone or ipad or whatever without getting the passcode but i don't really know the details of it
I'm in grade ten and some of my friends have already done Molly and shrooms and yeah so I don't think that changes anything