Matched With Mr. Enemy

Matched With Mr. Enemy

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"Well you know what they say... the best relationships come through being friends... or enemies" Macey smugly said followed by a wink

 'Oh no! She did NOT just go there!' I thought while she hastily got out of the car after parking in the parking lot. 'Yeah you better run!' I yelled in my head.

"Never. Ever. Say. That. Again. I can't believe you would even imply that I have a chance being with that pig headed jerk!" I yelled chasing her up the entrance steps of the school into the busy hallway.

"Aww. So you do like me after all Blossom. I'm touched."  I heard a voice smugly say behind me

'No. Not now. Why me?'


Avery Matthews and Cole Haynes have always been arch enemies since anyone can remember. But what happens when Cole moves in with her? What about when everyone seems to be trying to push the two together despite their stubbornness? Will the feelings between them begin to change?

*Warning: This story may contain quite a bit of errors*

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uhitzbree uhitzbree Feb 14
Hmm I can understand why someone named Cole would be your nemesis. I got bullied throughout middle school by someone with the same name.
You decided to do the eat the eggplant with your butt 🍆🍑
Kdberry Kdberry Jul 01
This is something I would do to my mom and she would just laugh and walk away
Danalpswolf Danalpswolf Jul 23
I just am sitting here so darn confused about this sentence until I realize. Blossom is his nickname for her.
No way! Sarcasm is my 2nd language to! The list goes German, Sarcasm, Then English..
Run. Just, run. Run to Narnia, I'm sure aslan will eat him for you.