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Raquel POV

I watched as my friends danced. I'm not really just much of a club person. I stay quiet and keep to myself.

Brandy - C'mon Rocky

Raquel - no thanks

Plenty of guys stared at me. I hate being the center of attention.

This tall figure grabbed me covering my mouth.

? - c'mon mama ya coming home with me tonight

It was a man's voice.

No the hell I'm not.  

I kicked him and tried to run but my heels slowed me down. I quickly took them off and threw at him

I am a virgin and tonight was not the night I wanted to lose my virginity.

I kept running. He chased after me.I ran into the woods

I kept running not looking back

I stopped at what I think was a river.

I turned my phone on  
and tried to call Brandy, one of my friends.

Great no service and my phone is about to die

I looked out into the distance and saw a person.

They walked closer and closer to me.

I got up but fell.

I felt them grab me.

I kicked and screamed.

? - nobody can hear you.

All I saw was a gold mas...

Unh unh see now ya crazy ass done messed up got me bent 😂😂
littyqveen littyqveen 2 days ago
Aight Aight, I take back what I said this stalker is fine and FAWK
tocute_savage123 tocute_savage123 2 days ago
Ohhhhhh nawww I'm srry but I would of swimmed in tht water if ik it was going to be like dat ( tht Shii look nasty asl)😂😂😂
Unh unh mister post man oh hell naw take that damn mask off it ain't halloween my ass would been gone
How you goin' give her some nasty ass food but have this sitting her waiting for her 🤔