Total Drama All-Stars: Miranda's Way

Total Drama All-Stars: Miranda's Way

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Melody here! By TDWTMelodyWish Updated Dec 16, 2017

The sequel to "Total Drama World Tour: Miranda's Way"! 
So, it's basically Miranda, AKA, myself on Total Drama All Stars!
Miranda's "Updated" Bio!

Name: Miranda "Pyre" Caramela

Age: 17 (almost 18)

Hair Color: Dark Red to Blonde Ombre

Eye Color: Greyish Blue

All-Stars Team: Heroic Hamsters

Occupation: Pop Country Singer/Songwriter

Strengths: Even after winning TDWT, Miranda is still a loyal teammate and strategist with amazing climbing skills. Her voice is very charming, which comes in handy from time to time. Her relationship with Alejandro gives her the motivation to do her very best at everything she does. Over time, she has learned to be very stealthy and sneaky, because how else can she see her Spaniard? 

Weaknesses: Though her relationship is a huge motivator, it's also a huge distraction. Alejandro is always on the front of Miranda's mind, which causes her to get into a daze. She's still afraid of thunder and being left alone. Her envy has gone down, but it still bothers her. She hates Courtney, so she has a short temper when it comes to her. Miranda is also very submissive, so she'll never argue with a command. 

Why TDAS?: Though Miranda won Total Drama World Tour, she was asked by Chris to compete again, since she was a great rating booster in TDWT.  She figured it would take her mind off her grief, reunite herself with her beloved castmates and even meet some new ones.

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Duncneyislyfe Duncneyislyfe May 27, 2017
Your such a good artist ik I already said that on your other story but I cant help it ur so good at drawing also #Mirjandoforever
DaviannaCora DaviannaCora Sep 05, 2016
OH MAH GOSH YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!! Also, CHRIS, why you lyin to her like that? That's not cool, dude.
WriterinFandomWorld WriterinFandomWorld Oct 05, 2016
Omg, I just LOVED this chapter! I seriously cried when Miranda was talking to who she though was Serria and when she and Alejandro had their sweet moment at the end of the chapter! Can't wait for the next chapter! #Mirjandro
WriterinFandomWorld WriterinFandomWorld Sep 24, 2016
Omg! This story is gonna be SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Awesome! Can't wait to see how this season with her will be!
WriterinFandomWorld WriterinFandomWorld Sep 24, 2016
@TDWTMelodyWish  No problem! I also love ur drawings! I wish I could draw like that.
WriterinFandomWorld WriterinFandomWorld Oct 05, 2016
@TDWTMelodyWish U have a really good writing style and I seriously can't wait to see where this season takes them. #Aleanda #Mirjandro