Bloody love (creepypasta x reader) {BOOK ONE}

Bloody love (creepypasta x reader) {BOOK ONE}

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This is a Kinda a Tokyo ghoul and creepypasta cross over.
(Y/N) is the last ghoul on earth, it gets more adventurous when she bumps into one of the creepypastas.

How will it go

Will she love again?

(Y/N) had a brother kaneki ken but died saving her from those humans that tried to kill her.(Y/N) was special to kaneki and the others because she is the strongest and youngest plus she is a half ghoul too.
Out in the public they call (Y/N) bloodlust, their was a reason why, which makes her the most wanted. She kill her victims by twisting their necks till the head comes off and only eat the insides of her victims leaving no trace of blood or organs, just skin.

After a few years she got to kill those people that killed ghouls, and people that thought of joining are now scared so it shut down.

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SixZeroNine SixZeroNine Sep 05
Don't mind me, just ripping my own own kidney out for some stranger to eat.... Not weird at all....
Aren't ghouls suppose to eat the skin because they eat flesh?
I have no OCD in real life, except when it comes to school binders...and books.... and perfumes/lotions. But thats it...and its not OCD....I think, just really like certain things in a certain order, but thats it
Gc12636709 Gc12636709 Mar 03
Isn't this supposed to be in our point of view, I am sorry but I just trying to see if it yours or ours, but this book is pretty cool especially since you put Tokyo Ghoul and Creepypasta together awesome 😎
I have CDO, its the same as OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order... As they should be
Gc12636709 Gc12636709 Mar 03
Lol XD I like the ending too " Goodbye my brats" 😂😂😂😂