Bloody love (creepypasta x reader)

Bloody love (creepypasta x reader)

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This is a Kinda a Tokyo ghoul and creepypasta cross over.
(Y/N) is the last ghoul on earth, it gets more adventurous when she bumps into one of the creepypastas.

How will it go

Will she love again?

(Y/N) had a brother kaneki ken but died saving her from those humans that tried to kill her.(Y/N) was special to kaneki and the others because she is the strongest and youngest plus she is a half ghoul too.
Out in the public they call (Y/N) bloodlust, their was a reason why, which makes her the most wanted. She kill her victims by twisting their necks till the head comes off and only eat the insides of her victims leaving no trace of blood or organs, just skin.

After a few years she got to kill those people that killed ghouls, and people that thought of joining are now scared so it shut down.

A/N: photos and videos I post belongs to their rightful owners

AyanoKill AyanoKill Dec 11, 2016
Do you mean stalker.
                              Are you an educated person? Or are you still learning?
it's not called being a cannibal because first we are ghoul and if we'er a cannibal we'd be eating another ghoul and e.j isn't a cannibal because he is no longer human so we are just predators not cannibals
LucyShiniRosario LucyShiniRosario Dec 20, 2016
You actually sounds like Gramps in fairytail...(Lucy: if someone knows this awsome anime....then CONGRATS YOU JUST EARN 10000000000000000000000 WAFFLES!
                              Toby: WAFFLES?!?!?!?! GIVE ME WAFFLES!!!!
                              Lucy: NO TOBY!!! BAD!!
                              Toby: NUUUUUU MY WAFFLES!!!)
liquoronhislipsohmy liquoronhislipsohmy Dec 22, 2016
I have had OCD for the longest time, but only if a place has everything disorganized, only then I will get mad.
jessica4629 jessica4629 Oct 05, 2016
Oh yeah and blades have no effect on ghouls so either way EJ wouldn't be able to get to the kidneys