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Island Adventure (COMPLETE)

Island Adventure (COMPLETE)

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Madison M. Myers By donutandfries Updated Oct 11, 2016

The class wins a trip to the US for a couple of days. Seems simple.  Get on a plane, learn a few things and then get back to Paris. But what if their plane crashed on an island in the middle of the ocean that is not on any map.

Start: September 3, 2016
End:October 11, 2016

Katsy183 Katsy183 Oct 11, 2016
Ok I'm reading this book a lot like this and it is called crashed but is not all like is so far
Wait if hawkmoth sees everything when he isn't Gabriel how doesnt he know hhis son is chaton and why dont ppl check rhe cameras
my-names-mc my-names-mc Dec 30, 2016
lol I bet most people checked their bags bc that would take a crap ton of overhead space
2cool4uboo 2cool4uboo Dec 24, 2016
first class is pretty cool better than buissniess class and second class
Bluestar920 Bluestar920 Jan 25
                              Captain: SCREW THAT IM OUTTA HERE! *grabs parachute and jumps out plane* SO LONG SUCKERS!
It was because of Alya phone. Flash is suppose to be turned off or it would effect the plane