Lost And Found

Lost And Found

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Lilly Marie By Lilly___Marie Updated a day ago

A young, ordinary, in no way special, girl, named Emma, kept to herself her whole life because of her fear of being judged. Emma's mother in no way helped her conquer her fear. All the memories Emma had of her mother were of her hurting her. Emma's mother was abusive and reckless and didn't give anyone the slightest bit of mercy. Her mother always taught her daughter to never trust anyone because everyone had a devil side to them. That's why Emma always kept to herself, and still does, even in high school. She doesn't know anyone at her school and doesn't plan to. She doesn't want to risk having friends and people finding out about her secret life. She doesn't want people to know about her family or anything about her and the last thing she wanted to do was put trust into someone else. 

What Emma didn't know was that everything she had lived off would change really fast when she finds out that, Ethan, the hottest of the hot, the baddest of the bad and the king of the school likes her.


MuneebaShah MuneebaShah Oct 17
Abusive mother! Oooh! I like it (I mean how the story will proceed)
Great book so far, Lilly!!!😄 Keep writing- it's really good!!!😊❤
Woah what happened to da title gurl... IT IS DIFFERENT OMJIGGLES BUT IT AINT UM...
Thx so much! Yeah it really is, thus is the firstborn wrote that's not so upbeat and super happy all the time
Me too, she sounds like someone who would ride a magic broomstick over a cliff and die.
Wow this mom is a psychopath! So rude I mean would u like a mom that says things like that to you?