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"Fucking hell. I'll pay for the fucking camera, just chill." He wrung his hands together nervously, looking as though he hadn't slept much in the past few days since we'd last seen eye to eye.

I stared at him for a moment. Drinking in his sorrowful expression, forcing the slap that was brewing in the palm of my hand to die down for the time being. I detested this boy, with everything in me. And yet, I decided to bargain with him.

"I won't tell, but on one condition." I tried, crossing my arms against my chest. Trying to form some sort of barrier, so that this boy could not see into my shattered heart. As much as I was angry, I was also desperate; and lonely.

He grimaced in anticipation, preparing himself for the worst.

"You spend one month with me."


When Alexei Falin is caught red-handed breaking into a convenience store through the lens of Elliot Kastro's camera, all hell breaks loose.

Alexei smashes Elliot's camera to pieces in a fit of fury, not noting its sentimental value. Later he is ridden with guilt, and offers to pay for the price of the camera.

Elliot refuses money, but asks for something else entirely.

She asks for company, and blackmails Alexei to spend time with her until she can muster the courage to end her life.

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