OGOC/FRESHLEE ⇨ book two √

OGOC/FRESHLEE ⇨ book two √

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Preferences, Imagines, Texts, and Zodiac Preferences for the following guys...
                            -Nate 'Skate' Maloley     -Dillon Rupp
                            -John 'Swazz' Swift         -Jack Johnson
                            -Sammy Wilkinson          -Jack Gilinsky
                            -Derek Luh
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princess--_ princess--_ Aug 31, 2016
Can I have one with just omaha boys and they are bad boys they don't notice and in the end I am with johnson something between those lines (imagine PLZ)
justyouraveragefanxx justyouraveragefanxx Nov 21, 2016
Can I have a text one where Dillon and Swazz are fighting over me, and I end up with one of them in the end? I don't mind which one
MadisonEdwards0 MadisonEdwards0 Aug 31, 2016
Can I get one that is a text and it's with all the guys and basically they are all arguing really bad and I end up having either a panic or an angsity attack and one of the boys relisied