The Royal Pain

The Royal Pain

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Aisling Maros is a Royal Guard. She lives to protect the King, and the twin Princes.

At a young age, Ash suffered through a procedure that changed her life forever. Not knowing until too late that what was done to her was unforgivable. 

A degenerate, malicious werewolf took away her power to feel the mate bond. 

So, what happens when the King-to-be ends up with Aisling as a mate?

(Edited, however, if you do spot any mistakes, feel free to comment or message me.)

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I just wanted to say I like the phrase: 
                              'Non ducor, duco.' - in Latin it translates to: 
                              'I am not led, I lead'
                              'Oderint dum metuant' - in Latin, 
                              It translates to: 'Let them hate so long as they fear'
The story I just finished, Alphas name was Danny and damn this is going to screw up my brain
EllenFairyBlue4 EllenFairyBlue4 Oct 17, 2016
So why did the alpha attack when he knew her reason for being there? 0_0