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Those With Powers - Miraculous Ladybug - Traits/Superpowers AU

Those With Powers - Miraculous Ladybug - Traits/Superpowers AU

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GamingEmpire By GamingEmpire Updated 4 days ago

Adrien and Marinette live in a world in which everyone possesses a Superpower called a Trait. These Traits can not only give people powers, but give them an abnormal appearance, or allow them to do incredible, inhumane things. The activation of these abilities saw a rise in crime, and a rise in Heroes at the same time. 
      Marinette is gifted with one of the strongest Traits in the Known world - The ability to duplicate and create Atoms, provided she is touching an object of the same material she wants to create, allowing her to turn a coin into a sword or shield. She may be able to change the very atoms themselves into other atoms, but her power is still a mystery to many... 
      Adrien, meanwhile, possesses a rare genetic mutation which grants him two Traits - The ability to Teleport, and the ability of Destruction. Every time he uses his Destruction Trait, his hands, and the veins in his arms, turn charcoal black. He learned of his mutation at the worst possible time... 
      Both want to be heroes in this society, but outside their goals, lies a force that has a goal no one is sure of. Donning the secret vigilante identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir, Adrien and Marinette fight this evil, all while trying to become official heroes and learn to control their Traits.
      Adrienette, LadyNoir, MariChat, Ladrien.

WolfKing371 WolfKing371 Nov 16, 2016
Does his teleportation work if he see's a photo of a place and teleports there?
markmyseoul markmyseoul Oct 29, 2016
The small ball things remind me of Honey Lemon's purse and weapons in Big Hero 6
WolfKing371 WolfKing371 Nov 16, 2016
Don't mean to sound rude but don't you mean black lines not likes?
....... if my heart didn't hurt so much right now, I would laugh
TygerSong TygerSong Sep 06, 2016
I think she may be a little to young to be designing thongs, but other things...... ;D