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Leaving woods [boyxman]

Leaving woods [boyxman]

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Yaoiforthequeen By Yaoiforthequeen Updated May 16

Only the frail age seven having had witnessed his mother murder, his fathers 'justice'. After that  horrid night the boy was taken to a orphanage where he was adopted by a family that longed for a child, but sadly happiness doesn't last forever.
      The child having changed his name as gossip and rumours spread like wild fire over social media flooding the news, the boy's face on newpapers and televisions.
      Once hitting fifth-teen Lucas came out to his step-parents in hopes of being accepted but sadly he wasn't... After finding out his parents where homophobic , Lucas has ever since be neglected and abused for three longing years.
      Turning Eight-teen, tears where spilled as a argument with his parents began, fleeing the house Lucas  ran to the forest, running to the depths of the woods. Hearing the echoing sounds of gun fire drew the boy in, running towards the sound only to have witnessed a murder.
    When trying to hide Lucas stumbled right into the arms of the killer, to his surprise to not be threatened but saved.

Ryan a hitman whom lost gis beloved all to quick, a simple second glance can change his world.

A hitman, a killer blood stained hands. 

Abuse, neglected for years, lost.

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Techno626 Techno626 Aug 31, 2016
From what little bit I have read this story seems very interesting....  I hope you continue this story and Lucas's journey...
grapey_yo grapey_yo Dec 08, 2016
yes cause i come in and take care of lucas and give him love and support
iDunnEvenKno iDunnEvenKno Sep 05, 2016
Interesting,  yet very sad. Can't wait to see where this goes...
Maneo99 Maneo99 Aug 31, 2016
                              This is so much amazing, I will be patiently waiting for you to update this story
Blackish_moon Blackish_moon Sep 05, 2016
One chapter and already loving thiiis!!! 💙💙 keep up with the great job man. And btw would you check out my story as well? If you dont mind ofc! 💕💕
Maneo99 Maneo99 Sep 01, 2016
Oh thank u so much💖
                              Also, thank u for updating, the story is still on the beginning and I am already getting addicted😅