Lady Lyanna #Wattys2016

Lady Lyanna #Wattys2016

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☞Maha N. F. Islam☜ By HerMajestyMaha Updated 15 hours ago

Wars have been won and kings have been slain. Castles have been built and forests have burned. All the things to keep the peace between realms and houses have been done.
 Lady Lyanna born of House Ro'sa is the second daughter and third child of Lord Dustin, a member of the king's council. Her house sits in power of riches beyond spending in a hundred lifetimes.
 Lyanna grows more beautiful as the years go by. Suitors are getting agitated for her hand as well as her wealth. Everyone wants her and yet no one has her. The man she wants sits betrothed to her sister, unwillingly.

Love and lust are a dangerous  combination when you have half a kingdom to run.

Highest ranking: #12 in Historical Fiction

The story is great! However at some places I feel like your word choice could have been better.
LibMikie101 LibMikie101 Sep 04
Ooohhh, great beginning! I can't wait to see what happens next. Well done! 😊
BookRmagic BookRmagic Oct 04
So far this is a great story! I LOVE how you describe things such as the flag or the castle it made it feel to real. I really like it so far ; )