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The Name Deceives. (YandereTaleSansXReader)

The Name Deceives. (YandereTaleSansXReader)

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Fandittyfour By FandomKitty04 Completed

(....Let's get things straight real quick. NO THIS ISNT A YANDERE!SANSXREADER! It's an actual AU I found. And I've role played with. Since I've only seen pictures I don't know much about it. So I've decided to kinda guess and create their personalities. I'm not the creator of this AU. I don't own any characters except Nova and Lilac)
"I'm sorry. But it's the only way. You need to be free," you choked.

"No. I can't live without you. I couldn't live with myself if you were to die," he cried. 

You placed your hand on his cheek, tears pricking at your eyes. You kiss him one last time.

"I'm sorry. I love you. Just know. Your name deceives," you whisper.
Typical story. Friends get in fight. 1 friend leaves and falls down a hole. 1 friend stays in the miserable hell-hole called the surface. Hell hole friend tries to find friend that runs away. Falls in a hole. We've heard it many times. But this time. Things are different. They have Yandere colors and act insane. Friend find a way out of the crazy goat lady's clutches and finds friend. What else happens?
(Cover By Me. App I use is PicsArt)

Time_Shadow Time_Shadow Jun 07
My only friend runs away and I do nothing to stop them or call the police when I know they're headed to a place they may never come back from. 
                              Sounds about right.
cupcakesans cupcakesans Jul 13
me:*throws yanberry in the au* STRAWBERRY IS TO INOCCENT FOR U U KILLER
                              yanberry: ;(
SunsRae1516 SunsRae1516 6 days ago
Again.. (kinda) how. Last I checked flowers can't wear clothes... 😕
MoriartytheWerewolf MoriartytheWerewolf Sep 04, 2016
Oooh! A yandere sans x reader! Imma live this fanfic for sure! :D
                              Error: ....So this is Wattpad.
                              Mhm. XD
NeonYandere NeonYandere Jan 02
yandere simulator, a game which has knifus to end a hoe's lifu, especially midori gurinu
NeonYandere NeonYandere Jan 02
i finally got a knifu, so i can end a hoe's lifu, most especially midori gurinu