He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki]

He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki]

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Mimura Riko By iLoveTetsuyakuN Updated Apr 04

(Slowly editing and slow updates) Kagami Chiyori is your typical fanfiction girl who loves basketball and whose choices didn't really matter. She's got no say when she  was sent by her parents together with her cousin, to watch over her brother and stop him from failing in academics. 

But what will happen if along her stay she meets the oh so famous/conceited ace of the generation of miracles? Who loves to get on her nerves?
Will there be a chance that a love will bloom between them when their personalities are completely opposite to each other? 

"I hate you... but I'm starting to like you..."

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DiAkoSiAna DiAkoSiAna Feb 17
🎶Kalimutan mo na yan sige sige maglibang huwag kang magpakahibang dapat ay itawa lang ang problema sa babae ay dapat hindi iniinda hayaan mo sila ang magahbol sayo diba?🎶
chimchim_got_no_jams chimchim_got_no_jams Dec 08, 2017
And I'm just here like....tallest person if your not including my bro....HE'S A GIANT*!
jewelhexen jewelhexen Aug 26, 2017
I'm 5'6", but everyone in my family is at least 2" taller. Even my younger sister! 😩
This chapter will be edited :3  (heavy) cause my writing and delivery is cringy.
Rwby1576az Rwby1576az Aug 20, 2016
In one of the  OVA tell you that he does't read pornmags but is still funny
PHATGirl99 PHATGirl99 Feb 24, 2017
Can some one help me because who is aniki and how do I say that