Under The Mistletoe

Under The Mistletoe

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In a world where equality rules, David's family is struggling to survive. Ever since his mother died, things had gone from worse to worst. And then Aston Everett offers a way out; he pays off all the family's debt but only if David marries him. He has nursed a decade long passion for David but David is unaware of it. David's not keen on the idea of marrying him -- I mean; he's not even finished college! -- but he loves his family...


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He came outta the womb shoving a rainbow dildo up Harry Styles' ass
What? That's a little rash isn't it? Like didn't tell him or nothing.
Here he is, working his little butt off and his dad just sells him off to the highest bidder!?! That's just...horrible
What kind of dad just sells his kid for money?! This is sick.
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Nov 26
I just started giggling at the thought of a gay baby not wanting to breast feed because he's not into girl nipples 😂😂😂😂😂
Just say you're getting married to a man instead of a woman and you're done