No Romeo Story

No Romeo Story

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Teenage Girl By Random_Teenager Updated Jan 23, 2017

Emily Spencer and Blake Lawson used to be family, childhood friends. A memory which has lasted fourteen years. 

Despite his family living right next door, Emily has not spoken to Blake since her mom told her never to say a word to the Lawson household ever again, ten long years ago. Until now.

After a conversation sparks between them, an old friendship is reborn. Only for them to realise, their chemistry would turn into something much more.

Having to hide their relationship within secrets and lies around their families, Blake and Emily battle through the summer sneaking around trying to keep their fire alight. 

But when Blake's mom sees the couple late at night, and when Emily's parents want to meet her new boyfriend, their lies unravel one thread at a time.

They promise their love will last an eternity but Emily doesn't want a Romeo and Juliet ending, because no matter what happens, in the end, their love must survive- as well as their lives.

  • feud
  • juliet
  • lies
  • love
  • passion
  • romeo
  • secrets
normalpersonn132 normalpersonn132 Dec 12, 2016
Oh my gersh. If only real life relationships worked like this
ashleyrockon ashleyrockon Dec 10, 2016
normalpersonn132 normalpersonn132 Dec 12, 2016
Did you know that JK Rowling meant for the name Voldemort to have a silent 't'
typicalwhitebish typicalwhitebish Nov 28, 2016
                              Your a really young and talented writer shitt!!! I wish I was as good as you.
                              Anyways, the way everything flows the words, and the pictures your giving us its amazing. I really can't say anything bad i love this book and everything about it. Your amazing.
Queenofroses13 Queenofroses13 Nov 27, 2016
                              I like how you chose to start the story,it gives the right amount of details and it made me eager to find more. I am sure you have more surprises to come and this is story is really interesting.
Sky_Dragonz Sky_Dragonz Nov 28, 2016
*that one person who doesn't understand*
                              *that one person is joined by like two more*