Frenemy With The Bad Boy

Frenemy With The Bad Boy

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Jessica Patricia By macaroonhoneybee Updated Apr 12

Highest Rank: #544 in Teen Fiction

Fren·e·my || a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry 
Do you ever hate someone that you just want to rip their head apart from their body and bury their corpse in the deepest forest where no one will ever find them? Or you want to throw them in a pitch black sewer hoping you would never see them again? Or you want to bury them six feet under the ground, if possible a thousand?
This is the story of Clayton Wade and Serena Castello. The Bad Boy and The Good Girl. Follow their journey on finding the true meaning of love behind all of the madness. 

If you have come across this book, I think it's safe to say that we have a thing for bad boys. I mean, who doesn't? If you don't...oh well, everyone has different opinions.
I may or may not have read THOUSANDS of books about BAD BOYS and GOOD GIRLS; so might as well have one. You'll find too many cliché and/or cringe worthy scenes in this book. 




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Sit_Here_Sipping_Tea Sit_Here_Sipping_Tea Nov 21, 2017
No, but I have wanted to castrate someone. My brother. He stole my chicken nuggets.
PinkHolosexual PinkHolosexual Oct 15, 2017
What if he will kill you, smear your blood on the wall and then hump it
trustshelly trustshelly Jul 13, 2017
His last name reminds me of johnny depp in the movie CRY BABY !!! I hella love that movie , i can watch it forever
HermyneKhaling HermyneKhaling Dec 06, 2016
What I like best about your writing is that after every sentence, you put a bit of her thought briefly and it's cool. They are brief but they do really well in expressing what you really want to say or mean. 👍
IceQueen172 IceQueen172 Jan 02, 2017
butterpuff butterpuff Jan 21, 2017
I loved your summary and your cast btw did i mention i am anew reader oh well i love your summary and i love cliche books so i am honna give your book a try