Frenemy With The Bad Boy

Frenemy With The Bad Boy

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malfoy's wifey By macaroonhoneybee Updated 4 days ago

Do you ever hate someone that you just want to rip their head apart from their body and bury their corpse in the deepest forest where no one will ever find them? Or you want to throw them in a pitch black sewer hoping you would never see them again? Or you want to bury them six feet under the ground, if possible a thousand?
This is the story of Clayton Wade and Serena Castello. The Bad and The Good. Follow their journey on finding the true meaning of love behind all of the madness.

 I may or may not have read THOUSANDS of books about BAD BOYS and GOOD GIRLS; so might as well have one. Anyways, You'll find MANY cliché scenes in this book. Because I'm that stereotypical. 

  Your Angel of Death.

HermyneKhaling HermyneKhaling 3 days ago
What I like best about your writing is that after every sentence, you put a bit of her thought briefly and it's cool. They are brief but they do really well in expressing what you really want to say or mean. 👍