The Angel And Celestial

The Angel And Celestial

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❴최루시엘❵~707 AKA Lucienne By BitchyRio Updated Oct 17

Lucy Heartfilia, an average Celestial Mage.

But maybe she is not an average Mage? What if she is hiding a big secret?

Lucy has been ignored for 2 months since Lisanna came back.

 Everyone says that Lucy is pathetic and a weakling. 

She has been kicked off Team Natsu and replaced by Lisanna. 

But Lisanna doesn't want Lucy to be left alone. Lucy decided to quit Fairy Tail permanently and Lisanna wants to follow along.

She and Lisanna trains to show Fairy Tail who's boss. 

What if they encounter Sting and Rogue?

Would Lisanna and Lucy return to Fairy Tail?

Would Fairy Tail realise their mistake?

Read to find out!!!


Please not that Fairy Tail does not belong to me. It belongs to Hiro Mashima!!


No offence but seriously did u fail ur compo writing or something? I thought ur compo and stuff was really good..?! So what happened? Some stupid vibe takes over u when u write stories or something? I overestimated u-. -