Dream Come True

Dream Come True

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"She looks exactly like the girl in my dreams."

"He looks exactly like the boy in my dreams."

"He/She is like a dream come true."
One boy and one girl with total different backgrounds and who come from two different places. But casually end up going to the same highschool, and to make matters even more weird, they're in each other's dreams. A dream that actually came true for these two fellow teenagers. 
Join me on this journey of love, heartbreaks, fun, and so much emotion. 
I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to Hiro Mashima, Fairy is all his except maybe this story plot.

Ummmmmmm, did no one else notice hoe that was the longest. Sentence. Ever???
Lol I like how Natsu said, nope not a single soul missing! And Lasagna was the one who wasn't there 😂😂😂
Won't hesitate to  show mercy? So wait, does that mean she wants to show them mercy?
I'm guessing that this is sibling drama when the sibling says they're all cute and nice.  But at home, they're the devil... I have a friend like this. 😅
I'd personally imagine it varying colors with logos wherever they have their tattoos
OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YOU JUST GOT ROASTED BY A.... Guy... That.... Uses fire magic..........