Ultimate Tomboy

Ultimate Tomboy

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phantom By rhi_thephantom Updated Jul 05

Harper Storm is fifteen years old and loves to play sport. She is your average girl, well tomboy, and when school becomes hard for her not fitting in with the other girls, her dad sends her to a boarding school. There she will be able to play all the sports she wants and have fun. But the thing is, it's an all boys boarding school. Harper is firstly shocked that her dad would suggest going there but thinks it over as no other girl school would want her. Though she knows she is going to be teased being at the school, the only thing on her mind is to show the boys she is capable of living there as she is the Ultimate Tomboy.

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Wallettyy Wallettyy Jul 29
What part of the body do I have to stab for a slow and painful death. . . Asking for a friend
I know kick that soccer ball to her face and when your father ask ypu what happend say it was an accident
My mom comes in our room, the second she steps in she starts yelling at me...not my older sister to clean the room even though i barely have anything she knows my sister wont listen to her so she takes it all out of me
You can already tell that Leo will walk into Harper using the bathroom or vice versa and I’m not a rr
If I got on I skateboard I would fall and no one would be able recognize my face
Luna-Moons Luna-Moons Mar 07
Oh if he was real,he better hope there's an ambulance really really close.