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Blackbird Singing |Tedromeda

Blackbird Singing |Tedromeda

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🐈🐾Kitty Bell🐾🐈 By kmbell92 Updated 3 days ago

For centuries, the importance of blood purity had been engraved in the minds of the Black family. Toujours Pur, was the phrase that young Andromeda Black was raised to value. The middle daughter of Cygnus  and Druella Black, Andromeda grew up believing she had everything she wanted in life along with her two sisters, Bellatrix and Narcissa. However, as she attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, another world is open up to the middle child.
    During her time, she meets a muggle-born wizard who goes by the name of Ted Tonks, and everything Andromeda had been taught from an early age doesn't quite match up with her new feelings.  It comes down to the girl having to make the toughest decision of her life, choosing between her family or the charming Hufflepuff who's changed her entire view of the world she thought she knew.

Like Uncle Monty.
                              "You know, Klaus, it's rude to interrupt." Uncle Monty interrupted
lovelyenchanted lovelyenchanted 2 days ago
Proud Gryffinpuffclaw over here. I apologize, I just don't like Slytherin all that much.
I'm the eldest and  im basically the person who has to set a good example and other rubbish
I can just imagine him being the like hair style magazines in the wizarding world's dream cover boy when he was younger
I don't want to know what made my mom distance herself from her sister it's or Teddy or Volddy and I don't want to find out because my mom seems so innocent right now and I've never seen her like this..
I keep expecting her to pull out her wand and yell crucio in such moments