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Undertale Ask or Dare

Undertale Ask or Dare

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Pork tha FISH By TemmieCody Updated 3 days ago

Yo! I have about a billion stories and I'm still making another one because why the Frisk not? (Lol see my awesome pun?) Anyway, just read the freaking book now!

CocoCat90093 CocoCat90093 4 days ago
And don't forget sans  x papyrus I have ..... bad memories 
                              Me : *watching under comic dub*
                              Me : man this is good *eats popcorn 
                              Me: *sees papyrus and sans licking each other *
                              Me: *cokes and throws laptop out of window*
LeopardGeckoLover52 LeopardGeckoLover52 Nov 26, 2016
I dare u to stop this series and no saying no its a dare btw  don't wonna none of yo beeswax XD DX <
Anonymous_Hacks Anonymous_Hacks Oct 05, 2016
to Sans: Who do you really love, Frisk or Toriel?
                              to Toriel: Did you and Asgore made a couple again?
WillyMorr34 WillyMorr34 Sep 29, 2016
To Sans: I dare you to kiss your brother (yes, I ship papysans. Don't judge!)
TorielTheGoatMother TorielTheGoatMother Sep 29, 2016
FINE!  I WILL GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE... but I am a soriel shipper(sansXtoriel)
NOthingmatters2242 NOthingmatters2242 Sep 04, 2016
                              To Toriel; GIVE ASGORE ANOTHER CHANCE