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Yaoi Roleplay

Yaoi Roleplay

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sadistic_seme By sadistic_seme Completed

My new yaoi book to replace my old one that was deleted. *cough* wattpad you bitch *cough* 

but this time I'll follow the rules, sadly ⊂(ο・㉨・ο)⊃

Name: joey
                              Age: 16
                              Height: 5'4
                              Looks: has brown hair, hazel eyes, a green Fox sweat shirt that go's down to my knees, blue beanie, and black vans. I have a feminine body and a fat @$$.
May I? :3 I can see there are quite a few other requests already, so if it's slightly full that's fine
Ayase blushed, and looked over at the other servants with his big blue eyes full of sacredness. The small blonde walked up to the door of the prince and knocked it
Yaoi_Uke Yaoi_Uke Apr 14
Oh! So I haven't made a form but I want to know if this is acceptable first please! I have a Prince oc that I would like to use for him and a semi-good idea if you want! Is that okay?
Name: Ayase Nagisa Rei cola
                              Age: 15
                              Height: 4'08
                              Apperince: (Ayase Yukiya from okane go nai)
                              Spices: human
                              Persona: Ayase is very quiet and finds it easy to cry like a small child. He is very sweet loving and kind
                              Likes: cuddles
                              Dislikes: meanies
                              Turn ons: gentle and soft
                              Turn offs: S&N
May I tag you? Also, am I allowed to have more than one character? :3