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Animal Jam Rants

Animal Jam Rants

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Sclitchy By scoobyheart Completed

I hate fanfiction sometimes. We all know what we hate and what can be fixed. So here's a book on how to do just that- Fix everything terrible about fanfiction to make the community just a bit better.

~Just my opinions, don't hate on me :3~

cloudstar-sweg cloudstar-sweg Sep 26, 2016
I have 7 main characters. 3 are boys, 3 are girls, one is a transgender. One of the girls is a lesbian.
Whenever I make AJ Fanfictions, I like to use several main characters. For example, Mine are all Arctic wolves, one is a girl, and the other two are boys. I switch the POV around a lot so you can see all sides of the story
CloudChaser36 CloudChaser36 Sep 11, 2016
I have two main characters.
                              A girl and a guy, they switch between perspectives so their isn't really just a sidekick or secondary main.
toxicfoxy101 toxicfoxy101 Nov 09, 2016
So you hate aj fanfics... Becuz why you say "i like to write aj fanfics" and do you also hate aj??? Im confuse 😶
TheUltimateNarnian TheUltimateNarnian Sep 03, 2016
That moment when you try to write a guy as a main character but you can't write for them because you only write girl characters...
                              Whale shoot.
VanillaViolet11 VanillaViolet11 Aug 30, 2016
I usually write a girl as the main character with maybe a guy as the second main because if I write a guy as the main character it'll probably turn out awkward lol X3