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Ink X Error |Ink Sans and Error Sans fanfiction|

Ink X Error |Ink Sans and Error Sans fanfiction|

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GlaceonTheCutie By GlaceonTheCutie Completed

Ink was in her art class (I wanted to try something new, not trying to be offensive sorry!!) and she was drawing a bouquet of flowers. She looked up and noticed that there was a new art student joining. His name was Error and he was unique. He was black, red, and yellow. He looked cute to Ink so she got nervous when he got near her. When the class was over, she packed her stuff and headed to her AU, when Error put his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, you got some advise on painting?" He asked. Ink turns to face Error and she blushes. "W-well, y-you have to u-use a s-small tipped b-brush for the s-smaller lines and the b-bigger brushes for t-the bigger l-lines" Ink says. Error thanks her and walks off. Inks. Her heart was beating so fast, she had trouble staying still. She was jittery and happy, so she just walked back to her AU acting all cool. She started sketching Error and couldn't stop. She had grown a crush on the new student.

The next day, Blueberry approached Ink with a hug from be...

TrueFire TrueFire Apr 16
No offense I don't think their is a female sans. Not to be rude or anything... (Please forgive me if found rude.)
ME:Read "'he was black'" 
                              ALSO ME: *turns of phone and screams in a pillow
Oh my god didn't they met in a daycare you dummies and fresh and geno are errors brothers also why is ink A GIRL is it gender swap
SanySuzuya SanySuzuya Apr 27
Ink is boy, pal.
                              He is 100% boy.
                              That's how he was created.
                              This ship is made to be gay.
                              Why do you change such a mayor thing.
                              I mean, it totally ruins it. #noheteroonmywatch #dontmakegayshipheteroforgodssake
                              Sorry I censored it myself
Srry, Author-chan, Ink is a the rest of the Sanses...