George Weasley x reader

George Weasley x reader

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"Ur a loser"


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__trash_af__ __trash_af__ Jun 05, 2017
I sleep talk, drool, flop, turn, kick, steal all available space, and claw. So if you find that cute you do you.
Oracle_In_Disguise Oracle_In_Disguise Mar 25, 2017
If you think drooling and saying Newt Scamander's name while I sleep is cute, then you're quite an odd person.
ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Mar 23, 2017
I'm gonna start doing that whenever I'm going somewhere just gonna randomly start saying walk
booksandbandz booksandbandz Sep 27, 2017
I'm dumb I actually thought they were saying walk😂😂😂
The_Opening_Band The_Opening_Band Feb 03, 2017
I be like walk walk walk walk walk. Wat? And I am terrorizing my vat until I fall asleep and I dream that I fall and I wake up but I look like I am a hamster when I am,asleep
Bloodybrilliantc Bloodybrilliantc Dec 28, 2016
My mom says I look like a fish with my mouth open when I sleep