Alpha's Shattered Mate √

Alpha's Shattered Mate √

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-Fire In Her Soul-
  "I've lost faith in love and humanity. I'm barely human myself"
  Amaya Rose Wilson--now known as Bethany Rose-for years she's been searching for Alexander-the man who destroyed her life but only to find out that he had died, and now she's utterly broken, broken because she didn't get the revenge she wanted and promised. 
  After the death of Ryder she moved or more like disappeared hoping to forget her painful past, no one knew exactly where she went or if she was alive, except for her mother, a new town,new looks and new secrets, and a new mate? what possibly more ?, her past left her utterly broken now she's ruthless and heartless, more then ever, because of so many broken heart Amaya now known as Bethany Rose became a void of darkness, she has fallen into the pit and no one knows if she could ever be pulled out into the light. 
  Meet Shane Wood, an alpha of the  strongest and feared pack, everyone knew him as ruthless,during battles but a player at school,  when the day he finally meets his mate, he was absolutely happy but kept it inside-the only thing was his mate was someone he had not expected to be destined with. 
  Read-the first book to understand-

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