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Meliodas X Reader: Home

Meliodas X Reader: Home

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luvanime03 By luvanime03 Updated Jan 17

Meliodas, the sin of wrath. Ban, the sin of greed. Gowther, the sin of lust. King/Harlequinn, the sin of sloth. And princess Elizabeth of Liones. These five have embarked on a journey to save the kingdom. They search far and wide for the two other sins, pride and gluttony. But what about the eighth sin, the sin of burden? Now, you probably think she is a burden then. But that's not why. She's the sin of burden because she always tried to handle everything herself. Not out of pride, but just because she wanted to seem useful and make sure the others didn't get hurt. What will happen when this phantom sin joins her counterparts?

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