My Best Friend Is GAY?!? (boyxboy)

My Best Friend Is GAY?!? (boyxboy)

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Cabe is the guy that every guy wants to be, and every girl wants to be on top of. That's my best friend.The guy I'm proud to say I've known since the first grade when he kicked a soccer ball at my face because I said I liked The Hulk better than Superman.
	And now he's staring dreamily at another guy while he stands on the first step of a staircase that leads to the second story of whoever the hell's house this is...


Told through the eyes of a straight boy, how he figures out that his best friend is gay.

It's funny, it's cute. I suck at descriptions and this is all you need to know.

Short story that'll be the prologue to a future story. :D

MizoreRoxy MizoreRoxy Sep 19
Haha. I like superman better though. Mostly cause he's a shameless sex god
MizoreRoxy MizoreRoxy Sep 19
Me: What crawled up your ass and died? 
                              Conscience: You don't get to talk since you don't believe in love either.
What the hèll...? This is me..... Holy shīt my heart just dropped..
keka31 keka31 Aug 04
There's over 100 comments here and im pretty sure most of them is about superheros
HMSbball12 HMSbball12 Jul 25
No one mentioned my favorite heroes: Phil Coulson and Hawkeye
- - Aug 18
                              1. Batman obviously
                              2. Black Widow because she rocks
                              3. Iron Man
                              4. Spiderman