silence. ➳ bts

silence. ➳ bts

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Park Yuna,a 17 year old girl that had a pretty good life.She runs a Cafe with her brother and friends as well!But that happy life ended when this someone came along...That someone ruined her friendship with her friends and made people dislike her.Adding on to that,She finds out that she has......

What did she find out she had?
Who is that someone?
Will Yuna's life get better or worse?

A/N-Im planing on making his Fan Fic short! ~ Somi_Soma

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Me : bro are you kidding me? *turns around to leave and get the recording form the CCTV or smt*
Jungkook just shut it cause you’ll eventually regret what you said
chikinisgood chikinisgood Jun 10, 2017
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-yoongshi -yoongshi Jul 19, 2017
ouh heol look whos talking. a really shameless + brainless bitch
jeon_jungkahoot jeon_jungkahoot Sep 05, 2017
You better cream this bitch Sophia 😚 (I forgot her name so now it Sophia)
jeon_jungkahoot jeon_jungkahoot Sep 05, 2017
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