Captive Highness - He Kidnapped The Princess

Captive Highness - He Kidnapped The Princess

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His Captive Highness

"Shut up!" His harsh voice screams at her, as her eyes widen and she flinches.

Blinking silently, she feels the cold wind from the window whip at her face, and the dark clouds hang above her outside. 

The grey sky releases the tears she saves, and begins pouring mercilessly outside. Her shawl slips suddenly, revealing strands of her silky dark hair. He smirks, and he moves back, as she immediately adjusts her scarf with her shaky hands.

"Cat got your tongue." He mocks smugly, as the silver embellishments on his gun glint in the dark.

"Do you even understand who I am?" She snarls, glaring at him, with fury shining in her eyes, courage seeping back into her soul. Her mind screamed at her that he could kill her in a second, that he could do anything to her right now, and no one could do anything.

"I know exactly who you are... Princess." He replies back, leaving her speechless.

A crazy princess. An angry kidnapper. What else could possibly clash to create a storm that would shake them all?

Meet Zoya Haiza Amira Sheikh, daughter of Sultan Abdullah Sheikh, and Haiza Abdullah Sheikh. The royals of the deserts. She has lived the easiest life one could imagine, never even having to pour herself a glass of water. She is nice to ones who treat her right, but if someone so much as dares to step out of line, hell breaks loose.

Meet Aryan Almir Khaliq. Although from a rich bloodline, he has had a rough past. Anger for her kingdom, Revenge plotted for the girl, this twenty-five year old has lived the past ten years in anger for the people of her land. One day, kidnapping the princess seems like the best way to make her suffer. 

But is hurting the easily tempered beauty really the route to follow so he can satisfy his need for revenge? Or will alternative routes have to be found? 

Read to find out...

Full prologue inside!

Story of hurt, suffering and love.



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