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A Sealed Fate

A Sealed Fate

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Lymelia By Lymelia Updated Jan 02, 2011

She is special, powerful and wanted by many, a rare diamond or so she'd been told. Zariana wakes up in a strange room after a night of partying with her friends to find that her memory has undoubtedly been tampered with and that she is bound by chains in a house full of non-human freaks. Her first reaction, to run of course, but what happens when she runs straight into death's embrace. Will Zariana be able to escape his deathly claws or will she be forced to spend an eternity doing his bidding? She is faced with many decisions, choices that will not only decided her fate but also those of everyone around her. Is fate simply playing a cruel joke on her or is Zariana's fate already sealed?

LanaMaguire LanaMaguire Dec 13, 2013
This sounds suuuuper interesting. Post soon so I can read more!! >.< and keep writing, you're wonderful at it!
ColoradoAve ColoradoAve Nov 05, 2013
It was pretty good! other then a few grammar mistakes, and what not
Lymelia Lymelia May 08, 2012
Out of all my stories I really like this one <3 I'm gonna continue it but the second chapter is actually up on scribd already called A Sealed Fate
Athena_121 Athena_121 Jan 14, 2011
I like it :) really intriguing, love the characters names to keep it up :P
Dreaming_Love Dreaming_Love Jan 02, 2011
This is very interesting :) I was a little confused by the dialogue but that might be just me :P lol I like it. Keep it up!! Can't wait to know more :)