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Alice Racher By aliceelawrence Completed


Part 1 - New Beginnings (Description)
     Meet Charlotte Sameer. I guess you could call her the 'good girl' or 'nerd' but what makes her life different from all these films is that she isn't a virgin. Far from it. At a young age, her life was stripped away from her at a party when she got raped by Andrew.

     In an attempt for Charlotte to run away from her past, she goes to a new high school. New people, new teacher and new Barbies who think they own the place. But when secrets slowly uncover themselves, will this be the stereotypical high school love story we all know and love?

     This is the tale of the relationship between Charlotte Sameer and Brandon White. On the outside, they are the perfect high school couple; dealing with bullies, mental issues and family problems. However, on the inside is where things get more diverse. When tensions rise in Brandon's car, will they hold it together through the ride of hell?

Part 2 - I Can Only Smile When I'm With You (Description)
     Courts and chaos. Charlotte is right in the middle of it, trying to just get away from it all and try to make an end to her past. Turns out, it's not always your past that effects your life negatively. When Brandon comes to the court hearing of the crash, will Charlotte be able to stay away?

Part 3 (January 2017)

- Strong language (major)
- Acts of self harm (minor)
- Sarcasm (pretty much deserves an Olympic medal)

A huge thank you to @snoopyANDwoodstick_ for designing this cover

-LivingNightmare- -LivingNightmare- Sep 29, 2016
I would have hugged the guy and said, "Oops! Now you have coffee too!" Then flip him the finger.
lilianlo_ lilianlo_ Sep 15, 2016
Do you mean what A/N? Cos if you do it means Authors Note but if you don't, then I have no clue what you are on about
AloneShore AloneShore Sep 24, 2016
Lol for the longest time I didn't now what it stood for either😂
KaoriJelly KaoriJelly Sep 15, 2016
Yup bc there will always be that one kid in the group or pair to do the most work...
aia333 aia333 Sep 15, 2016
Ok hold on just a min r u the person who wrote she's with me or is this just a coincidence
- - Sep 18, 2016
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