Mister Masterpiece

Mister Masterpiece

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Septiplier_Away13 By Septiplier_Away13 Updated Aug 06

My name isn't Jacqueline, it's Jack. And I am a boy.

Jack McLoughlin is a transgender 17-year-old in his Junior year at a new highschool. He's living alone in a small apartment and works every day at the Starbucks down the street. He's short and insecure, but has a passion for art.

But he finds another love of his after he bumps into the tall boy in the hallway.

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nhamzah05 nhamzah05 2 days ago
My school has like 800 students (not counting the high school) but its a huge school but the stairs are still so crowded even tho the school has like 2 staircases and I have to get in class in 6:45 am. Someone help me ;-;
Sam_Canter Sam_Canter Sep 30
I have ruined the perfect number of 123 people who have commented. Bow down
Loafmask345 Loafmask345 Sep 19
*slight gasp*
                              A queer book
                              I love it *whispers*
                              I love it so much
Unless it's dress code, a teacher can't make a student wear or take off anything.
Sinception Sinception Sep 07
I feel you since people seem to just LOVE mispronouncing AND misspelling my last name. I MEAN I GET THAT IT'S POLISH BUT IF YOU'RE NOT SURE JUST ASK. I'D BE HAPPY TO TELL YOU.
Coming from a member of the nonbinary royalty, I feel you Irish bro