Mister Masterpiece

Mister Masterpiece

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Septiplier_Away13 By Septiplier_Away13 Updated Aug 06

My name isn't Jacqueline, it's Jack. And I am a boy.

Jack McLoughlin is a transgender 17-year-old in his Junior year at a new highschool. He's living alone in a small apartment and works every day at the Starbucks down the street. He's short and insecure, but has a passion for art.

But he finds another love of his after he bumps into the tall boy in the hallway.

AlexJustJoined AlexJustJoined 5 days ago
No please, go on jack. I'm very interested on what "let him have it" means... 😏
*slides in* last time I heard Mark was in similar situation  and loved a rebellious Jack. Ever After.
AlexJustJoined AlexJustJoined 5 days ago
Oh. This can't be mark... no way. I refuse to think this is mark.
My mother hates transgender people more than homos. Idk why or how but eh I'll be dead if I was transgender
MissVirgilJNR MissVirgilJNR 5 days ago
7th period!? We only have 4! (Not counting lunches) P1, P2, 1st Break, P3, 2nd Break, P4 then home!
7th period is the last period of the day on the long days for my school