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♧Highest rank #4 in Science Fiction♧

"Victory was gained against GRAVITY but who knew it was only the beginning....."

What will happen when the sun will go under supernova?

What will happen when the very guardian of our existence will turn into the reason of our extinction?

Will the human species continue to survive or fail to sustain its existence?

If yes....then how?

And for how long?


The Supernova is the sequel of the book Gravity Falls which has got the highest rank#1 in Science Fiction. But you don't need to read GF to read this book, it has a recap that defines everything in a nutshell what happened earlier to Earth. Yes! the earth is not the same anymore. So be ready to get in the world that is beyond your imagination or something you never paid attention to.

This book has an independent plot existence. 
It is full of mystery, suspense, adventure and some undiscovered folds and ideas of science.

Thanks to @RajanGaggiArora for this amazing cover!!!

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vihaankr13002 vihaankr13002 Apr 06, 2017
just stunned
                              simply wow!!
                              the way you have written at a such a small age is great.
wildteletubie wildteletubie Jun 08, 2017
Wow that's interesting. I surely started liking this book, first time to read science fictions but I think it won't be the last time haha but I have to comment what if this soon supernova of this star is a sign of the end of some others creatures in our wide, vague galaxy? Just thought 😂
Mdfaizan08572478 Mdfaizan08572478 Aug 30, 2016
But we shouldn't worry about that, rather we should worry about global warming which is global warning and a current problem  .. and it is forecasted that if we will control this, then most of the species will not see 22nd century
Aditya_Mewati Aditya_Mewati Sep 04, 2016
Hohoy! Aditi you are almost right. But there is just one catch... Only huge stars (the one which are fifty times larger than our sun) turns into supernova and whereupon a black hole.
missvenusx missvenusx Dec 13, 2016
nice description about supernova.but as i knew only huge stars undergo explosion and become supernova...well i am not sure..still a stupid in 12th grade..ha..ha:)
Mdfaizan08572478 Mdfaizan08572478 Aug 30, 2016
And for me it is so excited cause I love to know science facts ...
                              Supernova it on its way ?