The Nerd From Ouran

The Nerd From Ouran

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Kyla the Great =) By Mehh1211 Completed

She doesn't fit in, nobody notices her, and she's an outcast. She's not rich, she's not famous, she's just a normal girl, going to a rich person school.

(I do not own Ouran Highschool Host Club. The anime/manga belongs to its rightful owner)

((I also do not own Niseko. The manga belongs to its rightful owner))

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CrimmsonQueen CrimmsonQueen Aug 02, 2017
While reading this I'm listening to gossip girl by grace vanderwaal  on repeat ❤
Idea-san Idea-san Feb 08
I try to be noticed but I'm never noticed. So I use it to my advantage to scare my friends and whisper in their ear, "I can teleport" or in a monotone voice, "Boo."
Blazer_Heata Blazer_Heata Aug 21, 2017
My friend told me this is what happens when an introvert actually made a friend 
                              "omg who was that?  How did they notice me?  Am i me?  Is the universe broken?  IS THIS A SIGN FROM THE GODS?!? "
_KyoyaOotori_ _KyoyaOotori_ Aug 03, 2017
yOu wOulD nOt bEliVe yOu'rE eyEs, iF 10 mIllIoN fIreFlIes lIt uP tHe wOrlD aS I fElL aSlEeP
Lyzelly Lyzelly Apr 25, 2017
You take a truck to school?! 
                              HOLY SHITZ!!!! HIBIYA, DA HUMAN TRUCK MAGNET HAS BEEN SUMMONED! @boldwriter4, @AutumnPisces, @Jade_Yuki
WinterTheIceWing WinterTheIceWing Aug 19, 2017
What's with all the commas? Nevermind, I did the same thing xD