The Nerd From Ouran [UNDER EDITTING]

The Nerd From Ouran [UNDER EDITTING]

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She doesn't fit in, nobody notices her, and she's an outcast. She's not rich, she's not famous, she's just a normal girl, going to a rich person school.

(I do not own Ouran Highschool Host Club. The anime/manga belongs to its rightful owner)

((I also do not own Niseko. The manga belongs to its rightful owner))

Kawaiifunpuff Kawaiifunpuff Nov 27, 2016
It's not my fault you just shoved your money for me to keep!
Kawaiifunpuff Kawaiifunpuff Nov 27, 2016
I agree with @Xxchloesaysmwah96xX , can't I just wear them and give it back to them?!?!?
2CrazyCucumbers 2CrazyCucumbers Dec 08, 2016
I could take you to court and see what they say given to the fact I was forced to
HiccaJacksonFrost14 HiccaJacksonFrost14 Nov 27, 2016
U forced me into wearing this then said I had to pay for it?! U didn't even ask and are lying to me! U rich bas*ards!
Tamaki: Now we need you to do one more thing.
                              Reader: What?
                              Tamaki: copy me
                              Reader: nooooo
                              Tamaki: pls
                              Reader: fine Nico Nico Ni
                              Everyone: OMG SO CUTE 😍