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After the loss of our parents, my younger brother and I are sent to a small town in California to live with my Uncle Shawn, whom I haven't seen since I was ten. He's married, and adopted his wife's daughter. My young uncle Josh accompanies us, to attend a Californian college. 

Being the new orphan at a high school sounds bad, but not as bad as the supernatural creatures who killed my parents, and are now coming after me for my powers.


She steps to the side of the room with everyone who had already introduced theirselves, revealing an ash blonde boy leaning against the kitchen island with a scowl. 

Every sense, every power, and every instinct in my petite, little body stresses to me how powerful of a werewolf alpha he is, but I keep my eyes on his. Sure, he has the scary, brooding, bad boy image reflecting off of him, but I have that most powerful witch in the world image reflecting off of me. It doesn't stop my fists from clenching at the sight of an alpha.

"I'm Riley Matthews." I introduce myself, holding out my hand. 

"Congratulations." He snarls, and smirks smugly. I drop my hand, seeing as he isn't going to take it. 

That son of a wolf.

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rowchronicles rowchronicles Sep 01, 2016
Charlie Gardner bc you blocked him before he could send you his eggplant pics.
FlowersLoveMe1017 FlowersLoveMe1017 Dec 22, 2016
No one should want to murder them! They're America's sweethearts! Or were…😭😭