keep him • joshler

keep him • joshler

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josh looked at the terrified boy huddled in the corner that was looking at them with huge eyes. 

"kill him?" brendon asked, a little bored. 

josh shook his head. "no, keep him. we don't have time. plus, he could be fun."


warnings of blood and violence and a lot of other stuff. 
started august 26th, 2016.

Ode-to-ships Ode-to-ships 5 days ago
Nurse: oh it's nothing, get ice and a bandaid and you'll be fine
MuffinSnuggles MuffinSnuggles 4 days ago
Sounds like a very gross way of getting a piercing on your cheeks
^ this is my h*cking story i should get to say what is offensive or not