keep him • joshler

keep him • joshler

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joshuandtyler By joshuandtyler Updated a day ago

josh looked at the terrified boy huddled in the corner that was looking at them with huge eyes. 

"kill him?" brendon asked, a little bored. 

josh shook his head. "no, keep him. we don't have time. plus, he could be fun."


warnings of blood and violence and a lot of other stuff. 
started august 26th, 2016.

Liaixon Liaixon 6 days ago
i can't imagine this correctly so i'm just imagining Tyler huddling against the corner and screaming like that stone thingy off of steven universe lmao it's actually funny i'm not joking
joshler06 joshler06 Jan 10
I'm laughing at the fact that he didn't even care he just did it
DeenuSaurusRex DeenuSaurusRex 3 days ago
                              Steam Shower Butt (Dan and Phil)