Forgive me (Jungkook ff AWBM)

Forgive me (Jungkook ff AWBM)

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"My mission is to make your life hell".

"People who try hurt me, end up getting hurt themselves "
"Did I hurt your feelings?"

"Why do you care".

"I don't".
Im only honest to myself,
If I let you in I'll push you out,
My emotionless facade,
Is a plaster to my open scars.
Shakira Bah ( her pics will be her in cartoon as I couldn't find an accurate pic) is a 17 yr old black girl ,who suffers from really bad anger problems , and  been transfered to a Korean school for her amazing results and dancing skills. 

What happens when her and this boy get into an argument on the first day, which causes her whole high school year to be affected and even her life?

What happens if everyone begins to ignore her?

What happens when he askes her for forgiveness?

What happens if she finds out she isn't exactly normal?

Will she be able to keep her anger in control, will she accept her fate and give into his oppression or will she fight back with her blue wolf.

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Ya-Hitta-Kita Ya-Hitta-Kita Nov 02, 2016
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