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My Savior At Midnight (TMNT Leo x reader)

My Savior At Midnight (TMNT Leo x reader)

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FabulousChubbyBitchXD By A_girl_15 Updated Nov 01, 2016

(Y/n) was a kind hearted, funny girl that lived in (your city/town). She had amazing parents that loved her, a perfect boyfriend and she had a loyal and kind group of friends at school. She loved how her life was going and she always thought "What could possibly go wrong?", well... a lot. Her parents were killed in a car crash which made her have to move to New York City, to live with her Uncle Kirby and her cousin April, away from all her friends and her boyfriend. 

When one day she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, is bullied by her old friends and the people at school and blames herself for her parents death, it becomes too much and decides to end it all by jumping off a building at midnight. But when she jumps she doesn't hit the ground, she's caught mid-air by none other than the fearless, blue banded turtle himself. She wasn't scared of him, in fact, she felt safe when he was holding her, and that was a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time. 

What happens if our leader in blue falls for the beautiful girl? What happens if (y/n) falls for her turtle savior? What will she do when she finds out more about her parents death? Find out in...

My Savior At Midnight, by A_girl_15

Btw, my friend, NightTimeNightmare, requested this! She asked for a Leo x reader, so this is for her! She's amazballs! Go follow her!


MssSam MssSam Dec 21, 2016
My real name is Savannah but my stepdad calls me Sam because he likes to screw with me... 
                              "Im Sam b1tches..."
                              -MLG NO SCOPE PRO SAVANNAH
Marsbar_doglover Marsbar_doglover Sep 19, 2016
Riiiiight. Because it's not like she called him baby, and they didn't kiss or anything. JK!! Lol!