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Chains : A Dan and Phil Fanfic

Chains : A Dan and Phil Fanfic

29K Reads 1.3K Votes 39 Part Story
Addict With A Pen By TheStarryRose Completed

Two British Youtubers Kidnapped,
        One Scientest,
        One Experement,
        One  Girl,
        And many, many secrets.
    NOTE: This story DOES have Torture, and hints of Depression, There is also tiny bits of blood. If you aren't comfy with any of this, please be careful, or do not read this story.  ( I am trying to make it as feelsy as possible, but if you want a more laid back story, check out Phil Lester Is My Cousin. That one is more laid back. ) 
      "So what if nothing is safe
      So what if no one is saved
      No matter how sweet
      No matter how brave
      What if each to his own lonely grave"
      - Regina Spektor 
      ~The Sword And The Pen
  Cover Made By: @writefullymine

TruezIsTheBest TruezIsTheBest Nov 22, 2016
Mr Black's the name of my old teacher XP. OMG. When he comes back from maternity leave me and my friend are having a word with him
MugglebornSH MugglebornSH Nov 27, 2016
Sirius Orion Black what have I told you about kidnapping people you want to meet? What are we going to do with you?
I'm sorry but my heart just sank to the bottoms of the earth just thinking about them
TheStarryRose TheStarryRose Sep 09, 2016
"Like dreams, not all stories have a happy ending"
                              - Phil Lester
Daughterofhades126 Daughterofhades126 Sep 20, 2016
Wow this is sirius.  If you get this I love you please marry me
idontknowgaby idontknowgaby Oct 28, 2016
This is basically the phandom when they see Dan and Phil to get a picture lmao jk