The Purge

The Purge

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Tobi By BelleBurns Completed

(A Wattpad SciFi Featured Story)
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We are the leviathan of the aliens.

We are the Children of the Comet. 
We are the prodigies of the state. 
We are considered valuable by the government. 
We are the champions of the after earth. 
We will protect the Gates.

And each of us will try to survive The Purge.

Every 15 years, the Barriers of Argos weaken. To protect the state from the danger that waits outside, a simulation is conducted by the Argo's defense forces called The Purge. It is by tradition involving young Argons to mandatorily participate in the Program to protect the state within the Dark Hour. Their only chance of survival is through completing the tasks that awaits them.
Some embraced their mission with zeal, while others simply give up or try to become peacemakers and revolutionaries. However, the ultimate drive for survival comes from the desire to protect the one you love. 

The Dark Hour is imminent.

The Purge has begun. Protect the Gates. Cancel the Apocalypse.

Highest ranking: #2 Science Fiction 7/25/16
Wattpad Featured Scifi Story
Addonexus Saga Book 1

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bookunicornninja bookunicornninja Jun 23, 2016
When I clicked on the title, it said 0 reads but like 1.7k votes. Is this glitch for everybody or just me?
-chryeol -chryeol Jul 28, 2016
What did you use to make your cover? It is super duper cool, and I want it for my next story..
gates_mari gates_mari Jul 15, 2016
@BelleBurns I wondering, is this book set in the same world as 'The Purge' movies or do they just have the same title?
learnbetr learnbetr Jul 23, 2016
You know, it is sad that you have to put this page on your story.  Intellectual property is not respected any more apparently.
hamadyounas hamadyounas Sep 10, 2016
Where is the story? From where i can download it ? Please tell
BoiBeSlaying BoiBeSlaying Jul 07, 2016
Hi there I am looking for a few weeks back and forth between the hours of availability