A Sky Media Christmas

A Sky Media Christmas

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❝You don't believe in me,❞ was the Ghost's mysterious reply.

❝Of course I don't,❞ Crooge spat. ❝If I believed in every spiritual object that I encountered, I would be as much of a fool as this whole town.❞

The Ghost's sad smile didn't waver. ❝I wish I could make you see sense, Corenezer, but my time here is nearly up. I come bearing a warning, old friend.❞

❝Warning?❞ Crooge snarled. ❝Your warning means as much to me as Christmas.❞

❝Exactly what I'm here to talk to you about.❞ The Ghost lifted its hands. Crooge, upon closer inspection, saw heavy chains wrapped around the Ghost's forearms. ❝Corenezer Crooge, I come to warn you. If you do not change, if you remain as you are, you will be doomed to share my fate. You will suffer amongst the ghosts of those who could have been, wrapped in chains such as these, and be forced to wander the world forever, never resting.❞

❝Nonsense. Crooge waved it off. ❝This mysterious announcement of yours- it is pure nonsense. Death has withered your mind, Jacob.❞

The Ghost ignored him. ❝You will be haunted by three spirits. Its ghostly smile returned. ❝I do hope you will learn to change, Corenezer. Good bye, old friend.❞

And with that last message, the Ghost of Jacob Marsky disappeared with its heavy chains, as if it was never there.


A grumpy, old man by the name of Corenezer Crooge (NewScapePro) learns the true meaning of Christmas through the help of three spirits (YourPalRoss, Shubble, and Mithzan).

NewScapePro, SGCBarbierian, YourPalRoss, Shubble, Mithzan, SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBop Gaming, and Aphmau.

carolfalc carolfalc Sep 07, 2016
who do you think would win cory or shelby place your bet I'm on cory
AubyTheFox AubyTheFox Sep 22, 2016
@PhoenixGirl1288 It's okie, for now I shall wait until you upload and fangirl over Corby moments that you make. :3
Cheshire_Willow Cheshire_Willow Dec 10, 2016
I thought the fourth wall was already dead in the first book
Talk about breaking the fourth wall. FOR THE 100th TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
OhIDidNotAskTho OhIDidNotAskTho Dec 18, 2016
Omg I've been grounded and totally forgot about this series and now I've found this book....Im realizing already how much I love it again! XD lol.
KawaiiRecruit KawaiiRecruit Dec 19, 2016
I'm not a peasant. I'm a human being that is trash because Corby/Corisk ♥ ~L