The Guardians ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 3 of The Seven Heroes)

The Guardians ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 3 of The Seven Heroes)

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The Evil has been defeated. The Lord now embraces Power Users, realizing what was once a misunderstanding is now something to strengthen his kingdom. Everybody now lives peacefully, living their old lives, except, perhaps with a little more respect.

Then one night, everything changed.

A boy by the name of Jamie Pakora was found, dead, in his home.

His killer only left one clue of who, or what, he or she was. A note, signed by someone who calls themselves "E."

"Watch your backs, Guardians."

Now realizing that nobody was safe, the Seven are back to work, trying to unravel this ancient mystery, before someone dear to them suffers a terrible fate.

Yet even with this new quest approaching, questions about the Seven themselves still remain unanswered. 
"Who was, or were, the First Seven?"
"Why are people chosen to be part of the Seven anyways?"

And most of all, "Who the he** are the Guardians?"


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oh would you look at that i don't own the characters in here!

CCGSofia CCGSofia Sep 10
Hey Phoenix, do you ship JinMau? Just wanna know... Good, Great, no APHmazing, JINtastic and ROSSome book, make sure to make it SKY high
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who do you think would win cory or shelby place your bet I'm on cory
For some odd reason, when it said "Purple Knight" I though it said"Purple Pumpkin" don't know why
Im happy that Cory and Selby are working with each other,but,people upset because of lack of hair gel kinda was funny
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Dang it! I forgot to add this to my library. NOW I'M GONNA HAVE TO READ ALL THIS TODAY!
I didn't know there was a fourth wall to break from the last book